Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary My Significant Other


Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah
For bestowing us with love and affection

The first time I laid eyes on you
The strangest emotion seeped into my soul
For I had experienced love before
Nevertheless the deep feeling that I have for you
I wonder if this is what Allah says
That love and affection is a gift from HIM
With you I truly could internalize those beautiful Words of Allah
Thanks Allah for teaching me through experiential learning
My love, through you I understood what love for Allah should be
For those who do not experience love would not understand what love is
My love, you thought me that love is manifested, not necessarily articulated with beautiful words but devoid of meanings
True indeed for Allah says that if we love HIM, we must manifest it through our deed

From first time we met, after we were solemnized
You were proud of me, my intelligence, and my look
Still fresh in my memory, fine words you spoke about me to your friends and family
My love, until now, you still do the same, brag about my achievement to your friends
Thank you for that

As time goes and it really flies
Time takes away my youth and I start to sag
In your eyes I always look stunning
Never once, in a quarter of a century, we’ve been living under one roof
You complained when I put on kilograms
I know you lie through your teeth but it sound so sweet when you said that I am the most beautiful lady in the whole world
Your love makes you blind
Never once you showed discomfort when you have to clean up my bodily discharged when I was sick
To prove that my bodily discharged smells good, you breathed in deeply and said “I smell nothing”
This sometimes makes me sick…but I love you for saying that

Words fail to express my intense emotion for you
The lived experiences that we have shared
I could not recount all of them
But I cherish all of them; the sweet, the bitter, the beautiful, the ugly
all blended together to make our life colorful and meaningful
My love
Even though I do not say it often enough
But I know that you know that I love you
May our love be celebrated in Allah’s paradise
Happy Anniversary my love
Thank You Allah for endowing us this love and happiness

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