Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Read??? Revised a Little

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Compassionate

My Dearest
Have you ever wondered why
On the first encounter HE gave instruction
To read
Isn't it peculiar for when we first met someone
We haven't met before
The first thing we do is to get acquainted
The logical consequence is
Reading must me vital, life-giving
Know that life begins after death
Death is not the end but the beginning of Real Life
The time to reap what we sow in the ephemeral world

My Dearest
Have you ever wondered
What is the meaning of reading
What should we read about
From which sources
And for what end
If we ponder deep enough, He may show us the light of comprehension
the meaning of reading is not pointing towards itself but to other than itself
the meaning of reading is in the purpose of reading
To read is not confined to reading written words but
To read is to understand the indications of Allah
In the form of written messages and symbolic messages present in the universe
Read all in the name of Allah
For the end of reading is to know HIM through contemplative intelligence
Hence, reading makes us understand the universe and its purposes for mankind
and most significantly reading makes us realize HIM and HIS beautiful attributes
(Don't you know that spirituality is realization of HIM)
The effects of which the edifice of formidable civilization can be built
on the foundation of metaphysical, epistemological and ethical TRUTH
(Don't you know that our forefathers had built this before)

My Dearest
Have you ever wondered
Only after asking us to read then He introduced HIMSELF as the creator
and we are HIS creations
The answer to the most fundamental metaphysical question of who are we and where are we from
can only be discovered through reading
When HE affirmed that HE is the Creator and We are the creations
It set dualism as reality of existence instead of monism
Dual existence, seen and the unseen
The corporeal and the incorporeal
The Creator and the creations
Dual life, here and hereafter
Which magnify HIS UNITY
Know that the multiplicity of His creations are the manifestations of HIS ONENESS
in all aspects

My Dearest
Have you ever wondered
Why HE says that HE is the Most Generous
for teaching us with the use of a pen
Have you ever wonder what is the meaning of teaching and pen
Why HE is generous for teaching us that which we knew not
Have your ever wondered
The significance of HIM declaring to HIS most beloved (pbuh) that HE is The Teacher
Know that the meaning of a pen can only be understood in relation to writing
Pen and writing is significant for their connection with knowledge and its dissemination
Ya Rabb...Read, Pen, Writing, Knowledge, and HE is the Teacher
For if HE does not give us understanding, we will be blinded by the light of TRUTH
Have you ever wondered
How HE teaches
Know that HE teaches through experiential learning
for how can we understand TRUTH if we never experienced TRUTH

My Dearest
Be thankful to HIM
for endowing us with the intellect
for reading requires understanding through contemplative intelligence
realizing that the end of reading is to know HIM
For how can we meet HIM in the next eternal world
If we do not know HIM in this evanescent world
didn't HE say that the best endowment to mankind is to behold HIS countenance

My Dearest children
Sharpen and purify your heart mind and HE may honor you
with comprehension and wisdom


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