Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Runs

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

Ummi leka kebelakangan ini...leka dalam segala-galanya...leka dalam menjaga kesihatan jasmani, emosi dan kesihatan rohani...membuatkan air jernih mengalir tanpa dipinta...tanpa ummi memahami penyebabnya...

Life is almost at the end....the end is inevitable but how can an intelligent person forget? Death is the beginning of reality, the beginning of a new is a preparation for the new life....said I in front of those wide and innocent eyes....but what have I done?

In the next life we don't need doctors, engineers, builders, architects, etc cuz we don't need to cure, to build, to design....we only reap the fruits of our labor... so all knowledge that we have gained to build our life will be left behind in this ephemeral world...only knowledge about Tauhid will be taken with us to the next life....just imagine if we don't know Allah at all in this life, could we know Allah in the next life? How can we identify thing that we do not know and have no knowledge of? The biggest endowment is to witness the countenance of Allah...this is only given to those who know and love Allah...

Let it runs cuz it enlivens the barren ground

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