Saturday, May 21, 2011

Missing You, Abdullah

In the name of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful

For the past few days, I keep thinking of you. Perhaps because Izad does not need me anymore, at least in a particular thing... I remember you, you were just like Izad.... I took care of you until you can stand on your own... how I miss you now.... you were gone for almost two years now...and since you left Malaysia, I haven't heard from you. I saved your really touching sms but it was gone when my phone was damaged... I cried every time I read your sms...I miss the sms too for it represented you.

I remember the first time we just arrived from a long journey by train, from Laos to KL. You didn't bring anything except the clothes on your back and you were wearing a pair of flip-flop. You have no money, not a single sen, but you were brave enough to cross two countries to come to Malaysia. Those who introduced you to Islam had done injustice to you for not taking care of an orphan like you and for not teaching you how to be a Muslim. You didn't know how to pray and how to be Muslim but your faith is strong enough to believe in the Truth of Islam.

We were introduce by our mutual friend. I remembered you only know how to say "My name is Abdullah" and you didn't even know the letters of the alphabets. To this day, I don't even know your Laotian name. I gave you some help, not much, but to you it was too much...I brought some shirts and shoes for were very happy...A few months later, when you met me, you already knew how to converse in English and you can read and were hardworking and smart can you learn all these in such a short time. 1 year later you were accepted into the Kulliyyah of Economics and you were a good students..always got CGPA above 3.0...

I remembered, one day you sms was urgent you said and you needed to meet me. When I saw you that day, you were almost crying...but you were trying to hide it from me... You said that the university had blocked you and you cannot register because you haven't paid your tuition fees yet...I solved the problem for you and you went to your mahallah smiling...I was soooo happy to make you happy.

The best news that I heard about you was that you have become a 'mat masjid'. You practiced Islam to the best of your ability and you were always learning and reading and soon your knowledge about Islam had increased and you knew more than most Malay Muslims.

One day, I received a phone call from our mutual friend. She was worried about you... she said you've become extreme...I asked her what does she mean by that... she said that "you fast every monday and thursday and you wake up every night for qiyamullail and you pray 2 rakaat before and after obligatory prayers"... I said, good for him and good for you too cuz you helped him a lot (our mutual friend is also a revert to Islam). I said to her not to worry because you were not an extremist, you just wanna be a good Muslim.

6 years you stayed here and finally you called me to tell me your planning. You said you wanna go to the middle east to learn Arabic and you wanna go back to your country and do dakwah and get married with a local wanna spread Islam in your country...I was sooooo happy. I cried. Before you left, you sent me an sms...very touching sms...

I love you Abdullah...,I try to search for you but I didn't know your real name...I only know your Muslim name...I miss you so much...May Allah grant you happiness and success in both worlds...if you, one day, google my name, you will find me, I'm sure. Please contact me...


  1. So sweet! So touching! But we have to remember that Allah passes people in and out of our lives and sometimes sweet memories are the only mementos we are left with. (I am not sure now if I am writing this as a reminder to you or to myself) :(