Monday, December 3, 2012

Strange but True

Bismi Allahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim

Life has its own twists and turns.  Sometimes the unexpected things happened in our life that we grope deep in our intellect to find the meaning and wisdom of them all.  The scariest thing is we sometimes do not understand and cannot find the wisdom underpinning these unexpected experiences; and this of course left us wondering and waiting in anticipation of what the future might hold. To me, this whole experience left me hoping and pleading for Allah’s Mercy and Compassion.

Last October 2012, I went to Istanbul, Turkey to present the findings of my experiment at an international conference.  The experiences gained at the conference were profound and educational.  I cherished the wonderful people I have met and the insightful moments I have spent there.  Nonetheless, the strangest or may be the inexplicable thing that had happened was, I met a very enthusiastic young man who in just few hours decided to jump into an airplane and travel half way around the world to be for better and worse with me in this country that is so foreign to him.  A perfect stranger followed me home…strange but true.

Uncertainty leaves people in anxiety.  But I always remember that we human can only plan but the Best Planner is Allah.  Sometimes we do not even plan things that are unfolding before us, but Allah sure has perfect plans for our life…What is a person to do?  Just depend on HIM and trust HIM wholeheartedly.  May good things emerge out of this whole experience.  The anxiety and feelings that are developing within me is scary yet pleasant at the same time for it makes me reflect on the power of Allah “Kun fa Yakun”.  Further, I know for sure, even there might be heart ache and misery at the end of these experiences, what Allah has given me are the Best.

When my students asked what I have brought back from Istanbul as souvenir, I told them I brought a very big souvenir and his name is Hasan.  They were very surprised and bombarded me with questions that I didn’t even know how to explain.  I only can tell that when Allah wills something to happen, it happens.  When we trust Allah, what people can do or will do to us does not matter.

Eyup Mosque after Fajr prayer

Eyup Mosque

Turkish young ladies

At a cabal car station

The Blue Mosque


Hagia Sophia
Istanbul viewed from Camlica
Dr Norwati, Mr. Hasan Kuruz and yours truly

Between Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet Mosque


  1. as salam. nice post ummi. alin like. moga Allah redha. teruskan menulis ummi. caiyok3x. :)

  2. Waalaikumussalam Alin. Jazakillah khair...Lama sungguh Alin menyepi. Di FB pun tak ada :)

  3. afwan ummi. lama menyepi? hee. sekarang alin tengah pratikal la ummi. sibuk sikit.