Monday, December 10, 2012

Giving is Receiving

Bismi Allahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim

'Giving is receiving' is a paradox.  To give away something means that something is gone...How can one receive when one gives?  This may not be difficult when what is involved is feeling such as love.  When we give our love to someone, we probably receive love in return.  Can this also work for material things like for instance money...Can we receive money when we give out money?  Allah mentions in the Qur'an that when you give sadaqah you will receive 10 folds or more, up to 700 times more.  Of course you will not receive the money from the one you give money to...Most probably you will receive the returns from someone else; and if TAQWA is your clothing, then that someone else is very unexpected by you.  Is there any evidence to this?  Indeed, there are many but I just want to share one experience...

Nadwan's dream is to go to Gaza and see with his own eyes the conditions of the people there and wanted to help or die as a shahid.  But he has not enough money for his daily consumption let alone to travel some few thousands kilometers to Gaza.  However, Nadwan is a generous young man.  With limited money that he has, he helps as much as he could.  One day he received a message from an unknown person offering him to fund his travel to Gaza...See! When you give you receive...Indeed words of Allah are the Truth!

What I want to share here is not the material giving and receiving.  I have appeared twice on TV show "Semanis Kurma" to share the findings of our team's research on Prophet Muhammad techniques of motivating and educating people to change from negative to positive moral behaviors and performances.  After this program, I have received many new friends who pray for my well-being, psychological and spiritual...I feel so touched and I cried for receiving so many goodness just for the little act of giving and sharing.  In fact, when it comes to knowledge, we do not give because it is not gone from our mind and heart rather we share.  And the act of sharing expand our heart-mind to receive more understanding...

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