Saturday, July 2, 2011

Touching Words from My Students

In the name of Allah The Glorious The Compassionate

Words are powerful. They can either motivate or demotivate a person. For the past few weeks, I've learned that The Prophet pbuh only uses words to change negative behavior to positive behavior. Prophet Muhammad rewarded his companions through good words; he did not need to give material rewards to encourage them to do good. The techniques that he used were outstanding. That is why he said that if we do not have anything good to say, then we should not say anything at all. It is because words hurt and kill like a sword.

True indeed, good words encourage people to improve. Below are words from my students...these words make me cry...they make me want to do more for make sure they not only recognize the truth but acknowledge the truth trough right actions.

Sweet Emene from Syria wrote this...
hehe. wsalam madam. it was so gr8 takin the course with you.. at times i wud even forget tht its a uni course.. thank you so much.. and abt the round eyes.. lol.. am sorry about that.. but listenin to you is very intresting that we forget what our body parts r doing =P
may Allah bless you and your family with His endless blessings.. and may He give you all the reasons of true happiness here and hereafter =)
jazakillahi khairan!

These are from lovely AiniRose...
tq madam...
we learnt a lot from u..
hope to see u again..=)

Cute Aisyah said...
I can't repay the lessons that you taught,
I can't return encouragement and every single words of knowledge,
Thank you forever madam,
May Allah bless upon you and your family always,
Jazakillahukhairan jaza` :)

These are from charming Lily...
Thanks ummi. I'm one of your students. Banyak benda yang Ummi ajar membuatkan saya banyak berfikir hal2 kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat.
Semoga kita dapat jadi hamba yang terbaik. :)

Thank you my students...

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